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Earlier publications (1997-2005)

Jauhola, Marjaana (2005) ‘Military Crisis Management and Gender Impact Assessments (in Finnish)’, Tasa-arvo 4/2005, 8-9.Jauhola, Marjaana (2004). ’Does the Municipal Budget Have a Gender?´ (in Finnish), Kuntapuntari 5/2004.

Jauhola, Marjaana (2004) ‘How to Recognise a Good Municipality?´(in Finnish), Tasa-arvo 04/2004.

Jauhola, Marjaana (2003) ‘Whose Voice Is That? Women’s Views on Global Poverty Reduction’ (in Finnish), Nettilehti Sysäys 03/2003 [].

Jauhola, Marjaana (2002) Sillanrakentajia – naiset konflikteja ehkäisemässä (in Finnish) [Building Bridges: Women Preventing Conflicts] Helsinki: Kansalaisten turvallisuusneuvosto (KATU).

Jauhola, Marjaana (2002) ‘Women in Armed Conflicts – Victims, Fighters or Peace Builders?’ (in Finnish) Ihmisoikeusraportti 2/2002.

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Jauhola, Marjaana & Nikkilä, Päivi (2005) Status of Women and Gender Equality in Peace-building Processes (in Finnish), Tasa-arvo 5/2005, 22-24.


Doctoral dissertation Becoming Better ‘Men’ and ‘Women’: Negotiating Normativity through Gender Mainstreaming in Post-Tsunami Reconstruction Initiatives in Aceh, Indonesia. Department of International Politics, University of Wales (Aberystwyth), United Kingdom. 2010.

MSc dissertation Ison kiven ympärillä: : koulutila ja oppilaat sen käyttäjinä Kuokkalan yläasteella. Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä. 1997.

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