Consultant in Me

I have some 9 years of experience in various development/humanitarian aid related tasks in Finland, India, Indonesia and short-term positions in Bosnia-Herzegovina and East-Timor having worked for the United Nations, bilateral governments, non-governmental organisations, and European Civilian Crisis Management training initiatives.

Examples of most recent consultant work:

2015, Background paper and thematic indexing of Security Council Resolutions 1325(2000) – 2122(2013), UN Women Finland/1325 Network Finland

2006, Participatory M&E Adviser, Save the Children, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

2005, Gender Adviser, Ministry for Foreign Affairs

2004 – 2006, Part-time Coordinator and Secretary of Subcommittee for Women’s and Gender Studies, Council for Gender Equality, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


2001 – 2006, Development and Gender Consultant tasks

Gender mainstreaming in Peace Support Operations

  • 2005, 2006 Gender mainstreaming in Peace Support Operations, Training sessions for UN Military Observers and Liaison Officers, Finnish Defence Forces International Centre

Gender mainstreaminag in the Civilian Crisis Management – EC trainings

  • 2005, Gender and Human Rights training module (1 day/2 sessions) on EC Community Project on Training of Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management, Emergency Service College, Kuopio & MoI International Training Centre, Budapest
  • 2005, Gender in Civilian Crisis Management – integrating gender into mission work, training module in EC Community Project on Training for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution)
  • 2004, Training module on Gender and Rule of Law for the Training Civilian Crisis Management Training Seminar for Rule of Law Experts, Ministry for Interior,
  • 2003, Developing & Training a Gender module for EC training program on for civilian aspects of crisis management (University of Helsinki, Department for Development Studies)

Gender mainstreaming in humanitarian assistance

  • 2004, Co-facilitator of a one-day training on gender and humanitarian assistance, Finnish Red Cross

Gender issues in armed conflicts – UNSC 1325

  • 2004, several training workshops on gender and armed conflicts for Amnesty International Finnish Section
  • 2003, Violations on women’s rights in armed conflicts, training session for campaign training of Amnesty International, Finnish Section

Gender in conflict prevention and peace education

  • 2003, Conflict Prevention workshop for Women’s Organisations Travnik, Jajce Bosnia and Herzegovina + visiting women’s organizations in Sarajevo & Belgrad (Helsinki Consulting Group)
  • 2003, Design of the workshop and expert presentation on “grassroots women’s organizations as conflict preventors” at the Conflict Prevention Forum, Finnish NGO forum for Conflict Prevention (KATU)

Thematic reports and studies on gender

  • 2004, Compiling and writing the national assessment report on implementation of Beijing Platform of Action; planning and facilitation of dialogue process with civil society actors, Unit for Gender Equality, Ministry for Social Affairs and Health
  • 2002, Study on women’s roles in conflict prevention & organising an expert workshop for Citizen’s Security Council, Finland (see list of publications)
  • 2002, Writing articles and advocacy materials on gender aspects in armed conflicts, peace building & natural disasters (see list of articles)
  • 2002, Translation of the UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, peace and security. Preparing a backrounder for advocacy purposes for Citizen’s Security Council, Finland

Project planning and evaluation assignments

  • 2005, project conceptualisation for global education project proposal, National Centre for Professional Development in Education
  • 2005, Development Specialist in the final evaluation team of the Gender Equity and Equality Project (GEEP) in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Finland)
  • 2003, Project planning and preparation for conflict prevention and peace education project in East Timor (Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland)

Participatory facilitation assignments on project planning & organizational development

1999 – 2001, Programme Officer, United Nations Development Programme, New Delhi, India

1998 – 1999, Programme Manager, Helsinki Consulting Group

1996 – 1997, Evaluation Assistant, United Nations Volunteers HQ, Bonn



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